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Christmas Services

Advent is upon us and as we prepare for the beginning of the festive season it is always handy to know when the services are!


Sunday 22nd  December

9.30am Children's Church

A beginning for the Christmas season especially for Children

11am -  The Parish Mass

The usual Sunday morning Service

6.30pm - Carols by Candlelight

Always a Christmas favourite; come along and sing some carols with us as we look forward to celebrating Christ's birth.  Mulled wine and mince pies to follow... come on we know you're tempted!

Tuesday 24th December

3pm  -  Knit-ivity Service and Christingle

A fun service for all the family celebrating God's love for us and for the world.  At this service we raise money for the work of the Children's Society.



Tuesday 24th December continued...

5.30pm - First Evening Prayer of Christmas

A calm quiet beginning to the Christmas period, ideal for those who want a quiet start or need an early night!

6pm - Vigil Mass (S. Saviour's)

A quieter service for those who want to make their Christmas Communion but don't want to stay up too late!

8pm - Vigil Mass with Carols (S. Werburgh's)

A traditional mass with carols to kick off Christmas at S. Werburgh's

11.30pm  -  Midnight Mass (S. Saviour's)

A more traditional service (Christmas like you remember it is the theme this year!) of the birth of Christ. Midnight Mass is one of the highlights of the Christmas season - it marks the beginning of 40 days of feasting and celebration. 


Tuesday 25th December

8am - Mass of the Dawn (S. Saviour's)

An early service especially for those who may be travelling to be with family and so unable to be at the main service

9am - Said Mass of Christmas Day (S. Werburgh's)

A short said service to get the day underway.

10am - Mass of Christmas Day

A family service celebrating the birth of Jesus.  All welcome, children are invited to bring along a gift they have received to show or to play with.  A real family get together before the rest of the family gets together!

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