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Sundays the most important days for Christians.  Sunday is the day on which we particularly celebrate the  Resurrection, when Jesus rose from the dead.  For centuries it has been our main day of worship.  Here at S. Saviour's Sunday remains the day on which we gather together most.

Every Sunday we gather for the mass, the eucharist, holy Communion this is service where we spiritually join with all other Christians and share in the breaking of bread and remembering the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  We sing hymns listen to scripture, hear a sermon, offer prayers and eat and drink the Body and Blood of Jesus.  This service takes place at 11.30am every Sunday, apart from the last Sunday of the month which is a joint parish service.

The clergy are also available most Sundays to hear confessions after mass in the Lady Chapel (where the comfier seats are on the right hand side!)

Confession is one of those spiritual practices which many Anglicans think is only for Roman Catholics but it isn't.  It is an opportunity available to all the baptised to unburden themselves of any worries they have about things they have done.  It is absolutely confidential and nothing you say in confession can be repeated - the priest can't even acknowledge to you that he has seen you!  If it is your first time the priest will help guide you.  If these times aren't convenient you can make an appointment for another time that suits you.  Likewise if you don't want to make a confession the clergy are happy to give other private spiritual advice or guidance.

Three or four times a year we have an informal meditative service called a Quiet Hour, during this service we listen to meditations and music and spend time in quiet reflection.  In the winter months it is often held in darkness with candle light, a wonderful opportunity for stillness in a busy world. 

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