Public Worship has been resumed, for which we give great thanks, that we can do this doesn't mean we have to and it is perfectly acceptable for those who wish to remain at home to do so.  For that reason worship will continue to be live-streamed via: 

Fr Andrew's facebook page

or the NPTM facebook page

Easter Services Across the Team:

     Maundy Thursday (1st April) - Mass of the Lord's Supper and Watch - 7pm

         at S. Saviour's

     Good Friday (2nd April) - Solemn Liturgy of the Day - 3pm at Holy Trinity

     Holy Saturday (3rd April) - The Easter Vigil - 9pm at S. Werburgh's

Sunday Masses will be celebrated (for the time being) at:

S. Werburgh's, High Lane - 9.30am - cap of 40 in the congregation

Holy Trinity, Hamil Road - 10.30am - cap of 15 in church with another 15, possibly more in the hall

S. Saviour's, Ford Green Road - 11.30am - cap of 30 in the congregation

During Lent, at least, the Sunday mass from Holy Trinity will also be live-streamed.

During the week:

Monday – 10am – Mass – S. Saviour’s

Tuesday – 10am – Mass – Holy Trinity

Wednesday 7.00pm – Mass – S. Werburgh’s

Thursday – 10am – Mass – S. Saviour’s

Friday – 12noon – Mass – Holy Trinity

Saturday – 10am – Holy Communion – S. Werburgh’s

These times are experimental and may have to change.

Baptisms (Christenings) may again resume after preparation, please get in touch with Fr Andrew

Weddings may also be celebrated but with a limit of 6 people in attendance.  

Funerals can take place in church again as well as at Crematoria or directly at the graveside.  Sadly we have to limit the number of mourners to maintain physical distancing requirements, whilst we acknowledge this isn't ideal, it is at least a step forward.  Clergy will work with families to offer the best possible services under the circumstances.  Please remember that the clergy are designated key workers and will remain vulnerable as the pandemic spreads and even afterwards, although it may be hard emotionally please co-operate as much as possible in order to preserve their health that they may be able to give dignified burial for others.


To help keep yourselves and others safe continue to wash your hands using soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or better yet, the time it takes to recite one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be!

Mass will continue to be offered throughout the outbreak, unless Fr Andrew is hospitalised.  Mass will now be live-streamed through Fr Andrew's facebook page to follow the Mass please use the order below:


Please also feel free to use the following litany which has been devised by a member of another congregation.  Fr Andrew will be using it regularly and he encourages us to do the same.

Fr Andrew is also live-streaming morning and evening prayer usually at 9am and 6pm but do check the facebook page for details of each week's services - you don't need a facebook account to access the videos just click the link above.

If you would like to follow along with morning and evening prayer the services can be found at although there may be some variation!


The church remains here, as always, for all, regardless of creed or conviction.  If you are self-isolating and in need of pastoral support please call, likewise if you are in need of assistance with shopping please get in touch and we can help with that too.  S. Saviour's is going to be used as a kind of warehouse or distribution hub for getting practical help to those who need it.  We will be working together with local partners and others to provide groceries, toiletries, and deliveries where needed.

In order to help us continue to support our community please do think about donating to church either through our JustGiving page, or through online banking (please get in touch with me for details)

Stay safe, continue to praise God, and pray that this outbreak may swiftly come to an end.

God bless you all,


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S. Saviour's is committed to safeguarding and has adopted the National and Diocesan Policies. 

If you have a safeguarding concern regarding our parish, or for more information please click here.


If a child or adult is at immediate risk of significant harm, contact the police on 999.