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The whole of life is a journey and for all of us there are special places which make us think of family, friends or departed loved ones.  Places we go back to over and over again for that special feeling of connection.  As part of our faith journey we travel to places of special importance, like to the Holy Land to the places where Jesus lived and taught.  Or to important churches like Canterbury Cathedral, or S. Peter's in Rome.  Sometimes people go on pilgrimage to places called shrines, special locations where Christians have had visions of God or the saints or have been miraculously healed.  All the places can help us feel closer to God and one another and help us to get out of usual routines.  They aren't holidays but they can be great fun, relaxing, and revitalising, every year we go on pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Norfolk.  It is great fun and the last night party can get quite raucous!  Click here for more information about the Shrine at Walsingham.

In the coming years we are hoping to branch out our pilgrimages and visit different places like Rome, Lourdes, and the Holy Land.

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