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Worship is at the heart of the Christian life; spending time in prayer and praise.  In our worship we thank God for what he has done for the world, from creating it to refreshing it.  He praise him for the things that he does for each of us in our lives, we celebrate that Jesus died so that we might live.  We hear the words of the bible and are reminded of their meaning for us today, we support each other in joy and in sorrow and we ask God to help u with the things we need and thank him hearing our prayers.  Worship is, and should be a time of joy and celebration for all when we give our best to God who gave so much to us.  All are welcome at all of our services regardless of age or background.  There is no need for children to sit still or be quiet and we hope parents won't worry about bringing them - we like to think of church as organised chaos, like the family home on Christmas morning!

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