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Seven whole days, not one in seven, I will praise thee - so wrote the poet priest George Herbert.  Our worship isn't just for Sundays nor just personal prayer at home, church is open almost every day for prayer and worship.

The traditional offices of Morning and Evening prayer which frame the day are now being said publicly Monday to Friday across the Team Ministry.

Morning Prayer takes place at S. Saviour's on Monday's and Thursdays at 9am for about 20 minutes and uses a modern service.

Evening Prayer takes places on Mondays at 6pm for about 20 minutes and again uses a modern form of service

We have weekday masses across the Team and on Mondays and Thursdays at S. Saviour's if you need a priest there should always be one at the services if you have any questions, problems or need any help.  These weekday services are quieter and shorter than Sunday ones and again are open to all.

Monday - 7.00pm - S. Saviour's

Tuesday - 10.00am - Holy Trinity

Wednesday - 7pm - S. Werburgh's

Thursday - 10.00am - S. Saviour's

Friday - 12noon - Holy Trinity

Saturday -10.00am - S. Werburgh's (currently Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament)

Feel free to join in the worship or if you would like to sit quietly and find a space of peace and calm, or simply light a candle you are welcome to do so.

On the last Friday in the month the mass is usually what is called a requiem, the special intention for this mass is the repose or resting of the souls of those who have died in that month or who have died that month in year's past.

On the first Thursday of the month there is usually an informal prayer group that meets at 7.30pm in church.  It is open to all to bring their prayers, needs and concerns to the Lord in the company of others.  We pray for our parish, the needs of the world, and those who are on our hearts.  We also offer the prayers that have been left on the Prayer Tree at the back of church.  If you would like us to pray for you but can't be with us please do send in a prayer request using the buttons below.

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