Weddings are among the happiest days of our lives and

weddings in church are particularly special.  Not only do

churches often provide lovely settings for photographs but

they also take a wider, more holistic approach to married life.

For the church marriage is a life long union between one man

and one woman, although in certain circumstances it is

possible for people who have been married before to marry

again in church.  We want to be able to help and support you

every step of the way to the big day and beyond.

As part of getting married in church we'll give you some

marriage preparation where we explore the meaning and

purpose of marriage and why it is more than a contract in fancy dress.  We are also here for you in good times and bad for the rest of you life, to share your joys and your sorrows.

If you are thinking you'd like to get married at S. Saviour's it is always good to get in touch early so we can talk about all the things you have in mind to make the day unique and also to make sure that you can be married here.

The marriage fees are laid down by the government each year and are what we have to charge, if however for reasons of genuine hardship you can't afford them that's not necessarily a problem, please speak to Fr Andrew.  The fees below are for 2021.  The statutory fee is what we have to charge, the optional extras are just that, optional and are charged according to what you would like in the service.


Statutory Fees:

To the Diocese                                                              - £211

To the Parish Church (PCC)                                  - £252

Banns Publication and Certificate (to PCC) - £46

Basic Fee                                                                           £508

Optional Extras:

Organist                                                                            - £65

Bells/Music Tech                                                          - £35

Donation to the upkeep of the church 

(Heating, lighting, cleaning &c.)                            - £32

All in Fee                                                                         £640

Additional Certificates - £4 at the time of registration, thereafter £10