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Coming together again for worship is something long-prayed, and long-hoped for; in order to enable that to take place certain modifications to worship have to be put into place and things have to be stripped back to the bare essentials.  Of course this isn't ideal and it will feel very strange but whilst we have an obligation to feed, sustain, and care for our souls, we also have an obligation, very often forgotten, to care for our bodies which through baptism have become living temples of the Holy Spirit.

To that end below are guidance documents for how worship will be conducted in the three churches of the NPTM.  These are evolving documents and are subject to change as the situation does.  The bulk of each document is the same however there are modifications particular to each church.  Please note especially that due to having to maintain a physical distance of 2m between worshippers we have had to set a cap on the number of people at each service:

S. Saviour's - 25 people

S. Werburgh's - 40 people

Holy Trinity - 15 people (subject to change provided additional people don't mind sitting in the hall and not being able to see what is happening! The doors to the hall no longer open.)

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